Framed Love Sign Made of Matches

This fun and easy project is the perfect way to show your love. With just a few supplies, you can create a stunning framed love sign made entirely of matches. It’s a great gift for your significant other or a fun decoration for your own home. This is such a unique craft idea, you are going to love making it and displaying it.

Framed Love Message

Learn how to make a framed love message made of matches and a wooden frame. This is a great DIY project that is easy and fun for anyone to do. The end result is an incredibly unique and sentimental gift that everyone will love.

Step by Step Craft Tutorial

Framed Love Sign Made of Matches


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Can I Paint This Match Craft?

I love the wooden look of this craft, but you can certainly paint it if you prefer. I think the easiest way to paint the match sticks would be to use spray paint. You could use acrylic paint but it would be time-consuming to paint each stick by hand. By using spray paint, you can paint all of them at once. Spray one side and then the other.

Of course, you can always leave the matches natural and just put them on a colorful background. And, I love the idea of painting the frame or wrapping it in some ribbons that are the classic Valentine’s Day colors.

Is This Flammable?

The matches on this framed love message are still flammable. The heads of the matches create the edge of the image. This makes the matches able to catch on fire easily. However, you still have to have something to catch the matches as they will not just catch on fire by themselves.

If you are concerned to display this in your home, I recommend putting it in a shadow box frame. This will protect the matches and keep them from catching on fire. Otherwise, this is a decoration that is safe to display, but I would not suggest having it on a lower shelf for kids to touch. Hang it higher or on a top shelf and then make sure you put it away in a safe place after the holiday.

How Can I Customize My Love Sign?

The great thing about this project is that it is very customizable. You can use any type or size of frame that you want. I have even seen heart-shaped frames in the past that would be great for this to add a bit of something “extra”. The only limit is your imagination.

If you want to change the look of the match sticks, you can try using colored matches. This will give your sign a completely different look. You could also use patterned paper as the background for your sign. This would be a great way to add some personalization to your gift.

How Can I Hang This Sign?

There are a few different ways you can hang this sign. You could use small nails or tacks to secure the sign to the wall. You could also use command strips to hang it. This would be a great option if you plan on changing the location of the sign often or simply adding it to the decor for just the Valentine’s Day season.

Another option would be to put the sign in a frame that has a built-in hanger. This would make it easier to hang and take down as needed. I also like the idea of just placing it on a shelf or mantle instead of hanging the sign.

Supplies Needed

  • White craft paper
  • Picture frame
  • Matches
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks

How to Make a Love Sign Out of Matches

For this project, you will want to remove the glass from the picture frame and take out any image that is already there. Then, measure the frame and cut a piece of paper or cardstock that will fit into the frame.

Now, print or trace the outline of the word “love” onto the paper. You can use a stencil or freehand. It doesn’t have to be exact. This is just a guide for where to place your matches.

Now you will use glue to attach the matches following the word you just traced. You can add a dot of glue on the base of each match, or a line of glue on the paper and then stick the matches on it quickly to hold in place.

Work from the top down and from left to right for the easiest process without overlapping much. As you go, make sure your matches are facing the striking end upwards. You’ll want to put the matches next to each other, but not on top of each other.

Once the word is completely covered and you can easily see “love” on the paper, you will put this into the frame. Secure the back and hang or put it on a shelf as desired.

Now, remove the glass front from the frame, and place this inside so it has a sturdy frame around the edge.

Hang as desired.

wood picture frame with love sign made of matches